Perhaps your close-rate is down or your average ticket is down.  Or deals are taking too long to close.  Perhaps you're tying up your resources on some of the wrong leads.  

It's about getting to the right company, the right person, with the right message at the right time. 

Most often, it is the wrong targeting in the first place. 


Have you assessed your product-market fit, and which segments are your highest performing segments in the marketplace?  Do you know the size of your addressable universe?  Do you know if you are stealing share or adding new to the category?  

Do you know which segments close at the highest rate, highest average ticket, and fastest velocity?  If you were to find "lookalikes" of those segments, could you? 

Once we have the right targeting (and segmentation), we can generate a plan to engage the addressable universe, identify where they are in the funnel and their interests, so that when you reach them, there is a much higher success rate. 

You know the answers.  Sometimes you just need someone to ask the right questions. That's why we begin with discovery meetings among key stakeholders.  Are we solving the right problems?  


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