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We Help B2B Small and Medium Businesses:


  1. Retain and Engage Your Sales People.  Sales people are losing their mojo. They're being asked to hunt, close, and farm, all on their own.  It doesn't have to be this way.  There are ways to reach the changing B2B consumer more effectively, and help your sales team be more effective.  

  2. Generate Highly Qualified Leads. 74% of B2B purchasers say that over half of their purchase is completed online.  So you want to reach consumers before they contact you.  We help you develop customized inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to generate highly qualified leads and get you into the content marketing game.  

  3. Increase Sales Close Rate and Ticket.  After your prospect engages with you, we help you leverage sales enablement techniques and tools to increase capacity, identify priorities, relevant messaging, and the right content to enable the sale - giving your sales team more opportunity to succeed.  We help you establish the infrastructure for marketing automation + custom sales enablement tools + CRM for sales enablement and closed-loop reporting.  

Wait... wait... wait... We know this can be overwhelming.  


Most importantly, we help you start SLOW, get some low-hanging fruit, and outline a phased approach to getting in this game strategically.


Simcha Kackley is the Founder and Owner of GROWTH Marketing.  She believes in reducing costs for you to maximize your ROI, so she has a talented, yet affordable virtual set of resources who she taps into based on the needs.

With Simcha, you get 14+ years experience in driving leads, sales enablement, digital and content, and establishing marketing automation + CRM infrastructure for multiple businesses. 

Simcha has been priviledged to work for the following companies over her 14+ year career.

With A 30-Minute Discovery Call

Our 14-Point GROWTH Health Check takes a look at how effectively you're leveraging Marketing to grow your business, and demonstrates the opportunities.  

Simcha has received 30+ testimonials over her 14+ year career.  

"I worked closely with Simcha for nearly two years while she was the Director of Marketing at Champion Windows. Simcha is a passionate, meticulous and tenacious marketer who takes an analytical approach to drive business growth. During our time working together she helped transition Champion's business from a traditional media focus into a "Digital First" approach. She was instrumental in leading the overall strategy and direction of media efforts and with her partnership we drove results that were published and nominated for awards! She was also always on the lookout for the next opportunity and willing to test new ideas to help drive continuous growth. She was a pleasure to work with and always had a positive, motivational effect on our team as well as her in-house team. I hope our paths cross in the future. This is a person you want on your team or leading it!"

Andrew Mimault

Digital Strategist, Chacka Marketing

Simcha is a very rare person that combines a high level of intelligence , motivation and character. She is a natural leader and is constantly asking herself what she can do differently to maximize her impact on the company and individuals she works with. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone to help their business move to the next level.

Billy Southerland

CEO, IronRoad

"Simcha is an energetic and driven marketer who is passionate about her craft. She brought digital marketing expertise to [Champion Windows], and taught me everything that I know about the subject. She is creative and forward-thinking, and excels at constructing a vision and working collaboratively with other parties to bring it to fruition. Her understanding of technology and how to use it for marketing effectiveness is one of her strengths. Strong recommendation."

Dave Hofmeister

VP IT, Champion Windows & Home Exteriors


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